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About Us

Gaomi Hongrun Textile Co., Ltd. is registered in 2001 and has import and export right of private enterprise. The total registered capital of 1000 million yuan investment in fixed assets of 60 million (of which: acquisition of 100 acres of land, building plant of 30,000 square meters, the purchase of spinning equipment 15 thousand spindles, 1515-75 with a shuttle 360,200 rapier 96 Taiwan,English  Jacquard equipment 240, supporting sizing device 1 sets), with working capital more than 36 million yuan, total assets had reached a total of more than 96 million. Hiring of senior technicians, advanced technology division and the senior management of 136 people, employs 380 people.
Over the years, we have adhere to the "social commitment, integrity Societe Generale" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality survive, to seek effective control" management principles. Hard work to create high-quality brand products are sold home and abroad, well received by clients.
Gaomi Hongrun Textile Co., Ltd. sincerely thank all the friends, colleagues, support and care! Invite four guests, with lofty ideals, please contact us business, to visit and discuss about development!